Work in Progress

All of these are pieces that are works in progress (WIP). I will add to this page regularly to show development of individual pieces. 

Work in Progress
"Slop board" - this is where I wipe my brushes between cleanings after I finish with a color on another piece - unintentional art emerges.
Mixed Media Plaster on Wood
Painted with metallic water colors and wood stain.
Mixed Media Acrylic and Plaster
Work in progress, not done but I'm not sure where I'm going - this piece is currently on the 'back burner'. I find that taking breaks from work allows development to distill.
Areola, Spraypaint on Wood
8" x 8" x .5"
Acrylic Painting Work in Process
8" x 8" x .5" acrylic paint on wood.
Mixed Media Work in Progress
Acrylic paint, metallic paints, plaster, glue on wood.
Work in Progress.
Working with plaster on wood, experimenting.
Oil Painting on wood, unfinished.
Work in progress, oil on wood.
Anatomy of a Flower, Mixed Media
Yarn, acrylic paint, nails, wood stain, fabric on woodcut board.
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